Q - How long does the battery last for?
  • There's no simple answer to this as it depends on the intensity of Me-Cow® use. Please read the below article for more detailed information about caring for and prolonging the life of your battery.  Caring for your Me-Cow Battery
  • Example - Me-Cow® has been run at a cutting pre-works for over 4 hours continuously before requiring a battery recharge.  
  • We STRONGLY recommend plugging your Me-Cow® into power to trickle charge the battery whilst in use wherever possible, this keeps your battery topped up and ready to go.
Q - What is the best way to use my remote?
  • For optimal performance, set up your unit on the same side you use to operate your remote - i.e. if you operate the remote from your right hand set your unit up on the right hand side of your run - left handed remote operators set up unit on left side of run.
  • Depending on which remote control you have you will maximise your antenna signal by having it facing away from your body.  
  • Left Image - Face the red square away from your body
  • Right Image - Face the red tab on the top of your finger away from your body
Q - How do I pay for my Me-Cow?
  • Once you confirm your order with us we will email you an invoice complete with bank details for payment.  We require a minimum of 50% deposit to confirm your order with your balance payable upon completion and prior to postage of your Me-Cow®.  
  • Payments can be taken via bank transfer or PayPal.
Q - When will I get my Me-Cow® and how will I receive it?
  • As we manufacture all Me-Cow® units ourselves (we don't import them) it generally takes an average of 3 weeks for your order.
  • We post all Me-Cow® units via Australia Post with package tracking and we require signature upon delivery.  
Q - How much is postage?
  • Postage costs to anywhere in Australia for your Me-Cow® are INCLUDED in your purchase price.
Q - Do I need to buy anything else to set up and run my Me-Cow®?
  • No, our Me-Cow® units come complete with all you need to get up and running.  All you need to have is a fairly level work area, somewhere to hang your Me-Cow® (even over the bullbar of a ute will do!) and a sturdy fixed point for the idle pulley at the other end (we've even occy strapped it around a tree!).
  • We do highly recommend you always cover your Me-Cow® if it is left outside to protect it from the elements, dust and dirt.  Custom fitted covers are available for purchase.
Q - How do I set up my Me-Cow® and how long does it take?
  • We have created a 'Me-Cow® Set-up' video which shows you how to set up your Me-Cow®.  Timing from unpacking the Me-Cow® unit to completion most people are up and running in under 10 minutes.
Q - How tight do I need my cord?
  • Your cord should be firm (so the flag does not drag on the ground) but not super tight - a little sag in the middle is a good thing!  You should be able to stretch and pull the rope on and off the pulley on the Me-Cow®, if you cannot then it is too tight and you may destroy your pulley, blow a fuse or drain your battery very quickly!
  • You may need to raise the height of your Me-Cow® and idle pulley for longer working runs.
Q - Help, I lost my remote control!  Can I get a new one and does it need to be programmed?
  • Don't worry, we have replacement remote controls available for purchase.  We have specifically designed our remotes to be universal so no need to code or program your new remote.
Q - Do I need to cover my Me-Cow when not in use?
  • Your Me-Cow® unit is shower proof but like ANY tool or piece of equipment it needs to be protected from the elements.  We sell covers custom designed to fit your Me-Cow® or you can bring your Me-Cow® inside - it weighs less than 11 kg (including the battery) so is highly portable - you can carry it on your horse!
  • Your remote control is definitely NOT waterproof - so don't forget to take it out of your pocket before doing the washing.
Q - I've blown a fuse - how to I replace it?
  • Switch off your Me-Cow and CAREFULLY unscrew your front cover off and check the internal circuit board.  You will see 2x mini blade fuses, you can 15amp mini blade fuses to replace.
Q - What does RAMP up/down mean?
  • You can adjust your ramp up and ramp down on both our PRO and PRO PLU Models.  Ramp up time is the time it takes for the Me-Cow to accelerate up to your set travel speed (how quickly the flag takes off) and ramp down time is the time it takes for the Me-Cow to decelerate to the stop (how quickly the flag stops)